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GT APP Review (Jet-Bot) – Pricing, Supported Exchanges & Trading Returns

GT APP formally known as Jet Bot is a top-rated Crypto Trading Bot. Join today and see why everyone is talking about this bot.

Quick Summary of this GT APP Crypto review

  • It offers copy trading to its users.
  • It has a simple and easy-to-use interface.
  • Your funds stay on Binance as a non-custodial trading platform.
  • Users can create their own custom bots with their own strategies.
  • There is a three-day free trial for users to test the platform.
  • Jet bot support is good.
  • No credit card or KYC is required for account creation.

If you would love to get started trading crypto with GT APP and would like to learn more about the platform and see it in action you can watch this quick webinar on how to use GT APP formally known as Jet Bot. 

Let's see why GT APP ( Formally Jet Bot) is so Popular in 2024

Crypto bots have become very popular over the last couple of years with lots of companies popping up with their version but Jet Bot has led the way in automated trading and is still one of the most popular crypto bots to trade with. 

This could be due to its branding or maybe the claims of how successful its bots are. 

Let’s dive in and take a look at the GT APP, why crypto traders like it so much, and why Jetbot will be a great choice for 2024.


There are a lot of crypto trading bots out there, but GT APP is one of the newest. It was introduced in 2020 and quickly took the crypto world by storm, garnering positive reviews among its many users. 

This article will discuss some of its outstanding features, merits, and demerits, along with a step-by-step guide for those interested in signing up.


GT APP is a trading bot platform that simplifies the trading process by letting inexperienced users follow the battle-tested strategies of successful traders. One of the reasons Jet-bot has gained popularity is because of this mechanism, known as copy-trading.

You copy the strategy of expert traders, not the traders themselves, with the copy trading feature. Many traders have tested these strategies in real-life scenarios and found that they work well. Therefore, there is a greater basis for confidence in its viability.

Another unique feature of GT APP is that it is integrated with Binance as an authorized broker. Therefore, users can create a Binance account through Jet-bot with just one click. A feat like this is extremely rare in this industry and makes Jet-bot stand out from its competitors. Also, the platform provides a demo exchange account with $100,000 virtual capital to let traders try out its features without the risk of losing their assets.


It’s really simple. Go to the GT website first. Click “Login” and then “Register” on the webpage. You need to enter your email address and password on the login form that will appear. To sign up with your Facebook, Google, or Telegram account, visit their website.

To confirm your account, the platform will email a link to the address you gave. After that, you will be prompted to link the account to your Telegram account. Once this is completed your account has been successfully created once you’ve finished.

After that, you must link your Binance account to GT App. Your API key and secret key are required for that and you get these within your binance account. Next, select either demo, futures, or spot as the operating scope for your bot. Finally, you need to make sure Telegram’s alerts are active so that it can inform you of how your bot strategies are performing.

Additionally, it uses Telegram so that you may check trading reports, customize the setup, and create bots from your mobile device. By using the Binance API, GT APP enables you to take advantage of the faster synch speed.

How much does GT APP cost - Pricing

There are four pricing plans on gt app. They are:

There is a 3-day Trial to take advantage of.

Pricing has changed on the Jet bot crypto bot platform now known as GT APP. You now pay fees only from your profit

  • 2X – Profit fee: 50% – $25
  • 3X – Profit fee: 30% – $100
  • 5X – Profit fee: 20% – $150
  • Unlimited – Profit fee: 0% – $750

The unlimited membership provides unlimited 0% fee lifetime access to the platform

The platform is free to use.

You can earn profit by creating custom trading bots or by copying the deals of TOP traders.

The platform charges only a success fee from the profit you make.

The unlimited plan provides you with unlimited, lifetime access to the platform with a 0% Profit Fee.

x2, x3, x5 plans are pre-paid. As we don’t have access to your wallet, they don’t charge a profit fee directly. The profit fee is included in the prepaid price. So, when you purchase a prepaid plan – you effectively top up a profit fee balance in advance.

Prepaid plans allow you to earn appropriate profit from the plan’s price. If you buy the x2 plan for $25 – you can earn $50 in profit; the x3 plan for $100 allows you to earn $300 in profit and the x5 plan for $150 allows you to earn $750 in profit.

Each pre-paid plan is valid until you reach the maximum profit level, after which, you can top up the profit fee balance again or purchase an unlimited plan.

Payment is made through Coinpayments (a crypto payment provider) in either BTC, ETH, TRX, BNB, or USDT. 


One of the Jet-bot now GT App platform’s strengths is that it is an official broker for the Binance exchange, it has legal authorization to link traders’ accounts to be able to use their trading bots. In other words, it serves as a go-between between cryptocurrency traders and the Binance exchange. As a result, users of GT APP can set up Binance accounts directly on the GT APP platform, and use all of jetbots trading features.


The data speaks for itself. Jet-bot bots have a remarkable track record of success, with some achieving a total profit of up to 10,756% in less than a year. 

Verification of these profitability numbers may be found in social media reviews left by actual users of the bot as well as in video reviews posted on YouTube and other platforms. Additionally, the site has a 100% rating on Coinpayments from over 700 users

Imagine having $1000 in your account and seeing a 10,756% return in less than a year… My maths is pretty bad but I know that that is a lot of money! 

Even though high numbers have been proven in the past remember that past successes do not always predict future success. Don’t be in a hurry to make a decision without doing all your own research on a few crypto bots first. Remember that no matter how promising a crypto company may be, it may all go into flames with a simple wrong direction of the market 

IS GT APP SAFE? Is it safer than JET BOT?

GT APP only acts as a third-party program on your Binance account with limited authority. GT App is a non-custodial trading platform so they never keep your funds on the GT APP platform. They always stay on Binance for more security.

This way gt app doesn’t have the authority to withdraw your funds from your account. Your funds always remain in your Binance account, available for deposit and withdrawal as you wish in your Binance account only.

There is nothing to worry about on the difference in security as GT APP and Jet Bot are the same platform.



Copy trading is one of the most popular features of GT APP. After logging into your dashboard and creating an account on the site, you will notice a section labelled “Top bots” in the top left corner. When you click on it, a website displaying the platform’s top-performing bots will load. Simply follow them, and their trade methods will automatically be duplicated on your account without your involvement.

However, it is not free. Each bot charges a one-time fee for using its specific technique. The minimum amount needed and the trading pair that each bot uses are also different.


This feature enables investors to continue making money regardless of the direction the market takes. The platform has two different kinds of bots: a spot bot and a futures bot. You can only profit from the spot bot when the market is moving in your favor.

Although the futures bot has a higher liquidation risk than the spot bot, it can still turn a profit in either direction. By creating a second bot in the opposite direction or increasing your future margin, you can, however, escape liquidation.


Safety orders are implemented to guarantee that you still receive your profit even if the market is not moving in the way you anticipated. How does it function? Let’s imagine you programmed your bot to close the transaction when you have earned a profit of 5% and placed a purchase order for Bitcoin at a price of $20,000. As a result, the bot will earn when BTC reaches $21,000.

Imagine that the market then moves in the opposite direction. In that case, you would typically have to wait longer to achieve your profit point. To average your entrance price and lower your take-profit price, safety orders, however, cause the bot to buy more as the price drops.


All of these components are necessary for every trading strategy. Jet-bot automates the entire process for you, preventing you from incurring losses you can’t justify or failing to reap the profits you should have. Additionally, by doubling your transaction size in the subsequent trade, the bot uses the Martingale strategy to make it simpler for you to make up for any losses. Although this approach is audacious, it has a long track record of success.


As soon as you sign up, you are given a demo account with $100,000 in imaginary money to practice trading. Additionally, a demo bot is allocated to your account and starts working right away while updating you on all deals via your Telegram account. You can use the demo account as long as you like to get acquainted with the platform’s many techniques before moving on to the actual versions.


  • It offers copy trading to its users
  • Good support
  • Safe as they are non-custodial so your funds stay on Binance
  • It has a simple and easy-to-use interface
  • There is a free trial to use the crypto bot
  • Users can create their custom bots with their strategies
  • They have a good affiliate program where you can earn Crypto for referring other crypto traders to the platform.
  • GT APP adds new features and adjusts to what the market needs. 
  • There is a three-day free trial for users to test the platform
  • No credit card or KYC is required for account creation


  • Supports only Binance exchange
  • There is no mobile app


For GT APP Binance futures accounts, the minimum amount that should be deposited in the deposit address for trading is 20 USDT. However, the recommended deposit amount is 100 USDT for automatic bot deployment. Traders with balances below that will have to deploy bots manually.

For copy-trading, each trader decides the minimum balance for following their strategies. Some are as low as $200, while others are as high as $10,000.

Yes, they have helpful customer service representatives. You can submit a ticket to the customer support team if you are experiencing problems with the platform and you can anticipate a prompt answer. Telegram and Whatsapp both offer live chat features. Additionally, the website’s comprehensive help articles offer the necessary direction on a variety of subjects.

GT APP only performs restricted functions on your Binance account as third-party software. Before trading, it doesn’t transfer your funds from your account to its platform. Your money is still in your Binance account, where it can be added to or taken out as needed.

Still not convinced about Jet-bot?

Still not convinced? Check out our GT APP overview page on Automated Crypto Bots and see all the features that this trading bot has to offer.

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