The Team

Meet the team of Automated Crypto Bots… It’s just me! Chris. 

I have been working in Crypto since 2016 with experience in automated crypto trading. Crypto trading bots have helped me to become a better trader, and even though I worked for one popular crypto bot I knew that there were many other bots that could be found on the internet and I wanted to have one place where I could find all crypto bots. 

on this website, you will be able to search crypto bots and filter by features, connected exchanges and others but most of all you can get a detailed overview of each bot listed with direct links to the official website so that you don’t get scammed.

Chris Wyatt Author at Automated Crypto Bots

Chris Wyatt

Do you want to write a article for automated crypto bots?

I am always looking for crypto writers and crypto bot companies to write a post about trading with crypto bots. You can even talk about your crypto bots and how they work and helps your traders. Make sure to share great examples though and no photoshop stats. Winky face! 


Send an email to or send me a message on Linkedin for a much, much faster response. 

You can also send me a message on Telegram @chriswyatt