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Automated Crypto Trading Made Simple
TradeSanta is a cloud cryptocurrency trading software that lets you exploit crypto market fluctuations. Connect TradeSanta to your exchange and trade 24/7 without making it a full-time job.

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About Our Bot

How does TradeSanta work?

Once your trading bot is set up and you are ready to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. This will open a deal either immediately or after a signal is triggered from technical indicators.

For the first order, the crypto bot buys the amount of base currency indicated in the settings by the user.  When the initial order is executed and the deal is open, the automated trading bot places the Take Profit order along with several Extra orders. Take profit order is the one that makes a profit at the percentage level set by a user.

Each time the price of a cryptocurrency goes in the opposite direction than the strategy chosen, another order is executed automatically. The take profit level is also reduced each time this happens. Extra orders are there to take advantage of the changing price and adapt the trading strategy quickly according to the current market conditions.

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