About Us

Jet Bot is an authorized official broker of the Binance exchange. Traders that use Jet-Bot have multiple advantages, like higher API synch speed and the ability to create a Binance account through the Jet-Bot platform just in 1 click.

Jetbot is also a matching platform where you can copy the best crypto traders on Binance and do this 24/7 automatically.

A cool thing about Jet Bot is that you also have access to a demo account loaded with a $100,000 virtual portfolio so you can practice and try out your bots without risking capital.

You can also enjoy a 3-day free trial. No credit card is required. Try it out for free and step into the world of crypto trading with Jetbot.

Read our review of Jet-bot the crypto trading bot platform that everyone is talking about in 2023.

About Our Bot

Jet Bot gives you the ability to fully automate your crypto trading on Binance.

Here are just some of the tools and features available to you to help increase your crypto trading profits.

  • Automate trading 24/7.
  • Copy Trading with Top traders.
  • Spot and futures trading.
  • Trade both short and long strategies.
  • Opening and closing deals at best entry and exit prices.
  • Automate averaging the entry price by placing safety orders.
  • Automate stop-loss; trailing; martingale and other features.
  • Trade unlimited coin pairs.
  • Practice makes perfect.
  • Access to your own demo account.
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Pricing Options

There is a 3-Day Trial to take advantage of.

Pricing has changed on the Jet bot platform. You now pay fees only from your profit

2X - Profit fee: 50% - $25

3X - Profit fee: 30% - $100

5X - Profit fee: 20% - $150

Unlimited - Profit fee: 0% - $750

The unlimited membership provides unlimited 0% fee lifetime access to the platform

The platform is free to use.

You can earn profit by creating custom trading bots or by copying the deals of TOP traders.

The platform charges only a success fee from the profit you make.

The unlimited plan provides you with unlimited, lifetime access to the platform with a 0% Profit Fee.
x2, x3, x5 plans are pre-paid. As we don’t have access to your wallet, we don’t charge a profit fee directly. The profit fee is included in the prepaid price. So, when you purchase a prepaid plan – you effectively top up a profit fee balance in advance.

Prepaid plans allow you to earn appropriate profit from the plan’s price. If you buy the x2 plan for $25 - you can earn $50 in profit; the x3 plan for $100 allows you to earn $300 in profit and the x5 plan for $150 allows you to earn $750 in profit.

Each pre-paid plan is valid until you reach the maximum profit level, after which, you can top up the profit fee balance again or purchase an unlimited plan.


Binance is the most secure worldwide crypto exchange. You can connect your Binance account to the Jet Bot platform via a secure Binance API connection. This type of connection supports and provides trading access to your account. It doesn't provide any privileges to transfer or withdraw funds from your account. So you can use Jet Bot as a copy trading platform or as trading automation software without any risks of funds theft.

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