Kryll automated crypto trading powerful tools for profit

Kryll Powerful Crypto Trading Tools


Kryll is a platform that provides you with powerful tools to create your own crypto-trading strategies in an easy and intuitive way thanks to its “WYSIWYT” (What you see is what you trade) concept. There is no need to stay in front of your computer to trade, strategies are hosted in the cloud and operate 24/7. You won’t miss an order while sleeping. Thus so you save time and optimise your profits. is very easy to use. It supports most crypto exchanges. The platform’s strategies are available from the MarketPlace and will place orders for you saving you the pressure and stress of traditional trading.

The Project’s Genesis

The rise of cryptocurrencies has created a new generation of casual traders who do not necessarily have the time or the motivation to use old trading software’s which are often complex and outdated.

Kryll was conceived from the premise that it was difficult to implement a trading strategy without programming knowledge. Trading is time-consuming and requires long hours in front of your computer. That’s why we created Kryll, to save you time.

Why Automate Your Trades With Kryll?

Avoiding external pressure. Many trading signals will influence decisions, and they are not always the right ones. A tweet from Elon Musk will make you buy or sell and the next day the market turns around. These actions are often rash and lead to risky decisions.

Avoid being subjected to your own emotions. One of the foundations of human beings is their emotions, they react to hundreds of external stimuli, and the trading sector is no exception. Taking risky positions to try to make up for the previous day’s losing trades, in short everything is subject to stress and the human brain is not very good at it.

Save time with more disciplined. Discipline is one of the first things you need to master in trading, you need to have a plan, clear and precise objectives, and not to do anything at any time without thinking. Here again, a strategy will stick to its program and maintain discipline without fail. And then who is going to get up at 4 am to watch the Asian markets rise? Health has a price.

The Power Of In 3 Points is not just a trading bot, it is much more than that.

1. is first of all built on thousands of passionate traders who create powerful trading strategies and make them available to the community. Of course, these strategies are available in our MarketPlace and made available to the community, which can thus take advantage of the best trading strategies without much knowledge, just launch a strategy with a starting capital and that’s it!

2. A revolutionary graphical strategy editor that requires no knowledge of code. The strategies can be backtested back years for free and launched in PaperTrading to test their effectiveness. Only imagination is the limit. More info on the Editor is here.

3. A Pay Per Use model, the whole platform is free (Strategy creation, Backtests over 7 years, per minute, etc). You only pay when you execute a strategy.


Whether you are a novice or a professional trader, will satisfy you by automating your trades. Whether it is for the creation of powerful trading strategies or the rental of other traders’ strategies, you will have the possibility to test them on the past for free to get an idea of their efficiency. You will also be able to monetize them by making them available to other users in the MarketPlace.

last but not least, Kryll will soon offer the possibility to launch strategies on Futures (leveraged pairs) which will multiply the trading possibilities and offer even more opportunities.

Try, the whole platform is free except for the launching of the strategies. Create Your Account NOW!

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