About Us

We are a passionate team wanting to make crypto trading bots accessible since 2017. We are located in France and won multiple prizes and funding from the French development bank.

Try botcrypto and come say hello on our Discord server ;)

Constantin, Théo & the team.

About Our Bot

Want to create your crypto trading bots? You're right. And Botcrypto is the tool for you.

Features :

* drag-drop builder
* 20+ available technical indicators (RSI, MACD, Ichimoku, moving averages, ...)
* 5+ available actions (buy, sell, stop loss, take profit, trailing stop, ...)
* free backtests (3 years of data) and free live tests
* strategy store to import strategies made by the community
* trading contests
* trading educational content

Don't trust other crypto trading bots. Create yours with botcrypto.

Support Channels

Discord (with 1000+ traders)



Direct chat on the website

Pricing Options

Free backtests and free live tests to try the platform and find interesting strategies.

Monthly and yearly subscriptions when you want to trade for real.

  • Bronze subscription = 2 bots starting at 12$/month
  • Silver subscription = 5 bots starting at 35$/month
  • Gold subscription = 20 bots starting at 70$/month

Your fund's safety is very important to us. We use API keys to send buy and sell orders to your exchanges and everything is made to keep your fund safe. First, we don't want withdrawal rights on your API keys. Second, your API keys are encrypted with a state-of-the-art AES256 encryption algorithm.

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