About Us

The Genesis
We've started Kaktana around a babyfoot during 2018's summer.

In the beginning, we wanted to build a copy trading and smart trading platform. 1

But, we were too lazy to code all available trading strategies.2 So we thought, what's a smart trading strategy? It's a set of checks and actions you would normally do by hand and you give it to the computer so he executes it.

Seems familiar? Yes, that's the definition of an algorithm! We instead built a web-based editor to create trading strategies. We quickly found out people didn't care about trading strategies and just wanted an automated bot to make money while they slept, which Kaktana was really good for.

Later, we've added all the features thousands of users registered for: backtests, detailed stats, limit orders, etc.

About Our Bot

Kaktana lets you create, backtest, deploy and share your own crypto trading bots.

Support Channels

On website messaging support

Telegram: @KaktanaTalk 

Pricing Options


Starter: 20€/mo

Advanced: 36€/mo

Premium: 88€/mo

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  • Admin
    April 4, 2021 at 7:13 pm

    We have used the platform and we will write a trading view of our experience of the platform on the blog soon.

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